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Klaire is a sound designer who believes in telling stories with sounds. She mainly works on audio post-production for visual media, but is always open to new experiences and learning opportunities. 

Growing up in many different countries, Klaire experienced the connection between cultures through the universal language – music. Her interest in music led to her attending Berklee College of Music from 2018 to 2021, double majoring in Electronic Production and Design, and Music Business, where she discovered her passion for sound design. 

Besides some of her passion projects listed below, Klaire has been working in the localisation industry in the past 18 months to make content available in other languages as well as accessible to people who are hard of hearing or visually impaired. She is also constantly looking to do her part of spreading love by working on projects that can positively influence others.

Here are Klaire's current audio post-production credits:

  • "Well, I Should Get Going", directed by Celine Rose Sutter

  • "Champion", directed by Kimberly Han

  • "Eli, Briefly", directed by Celine Rose Sutter

  • "Blue Hour", directed by J.D. Shields

  • "The Baldwin Archives", directed by Laura Seay, starring and written by Tory Devon Smith

  • "From Dirt to Soil", directed by Henry Arroyo

  • "EZ LIVIN'", directed by Paloma Rabinov

  • "The Small Hours", directed by Jared Wiedmeyer

  • "Voicemail", directed by Lauren Ames

  • "Just One Bite", directed by Paloma Rabinov

  • "Married to the Bag", directed by Zane Bhansali

  • "Sister's Seance", directed by Christopher Desiderio

  • "A Vulgar Display of Insolence", directed by Tamieka Briscoe (48h Horror Film Challenge)

  • "Naut", directed by Christopher Powers (watch HERE!)

  • "Jenny & Jihae", directed by Katie Kim

  • "Kara Go​", directed by Katie Kim

  • "Tenderstorms", directed by Joseph Dooling

​*Email for links for the other films!

When Klaire is not working on films, she does freelance music production and songwriting. Here are some of Klaire's songs and productions:

  • Production for "Put This To Bed" by J Brack

  • Production and cowriting for "Feel It For You" by Tiffany Houghton

  • Production and songwriting for "E-E-E-O-O"

  • Songwriting album "Sunflower" in 2019 

(If you have any questions, are interested in what I do, want to hire me, or want to chat about sound, music, balance and well-being, books, puzzles, or anything else, please contact me!)

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